Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Best Property Deals in Bangalore: You Still Have A Chance!

Bangalore is the epicenter of IT in India. Surrounding the emergence of multivariate companies are massive employment and lifestyle upgrades that transpired nationwide. The prosperity of the industry reflects in the new lifestyle choices of residents; and that is manifest rather vividly in the property choices people are making in Bangalore these days.
Presently, the city holds some of the finest properties in the whole country. If you are looking to invest in a home in Bangalore, then special deals might save you a bit of money. Frankly, properties/villa projects in Bangalore are ludicrously expensive. If you want something for lesser, finding property discount deals is the next best option.

If a tight negotiation is what’s on your mind, you might have to reconsider, because the city is buzzing with investors from all around the country and outside. That makes properties a hot sell. So the highest bidder wins the prize, speaking of which, there is very little room for negotiation on the asking price.
But all’s not bad. Here are some discount apartments that make house hunting in Bangalore a must-try!
Bellary Road apartments
The properties at Bellary Road are stunning – they are a level up from the usual. With the polish and veneer of ultra-modern homes, understandably the prices are a bit steep at first glance. You may need some financial backing, but if you can stretch your budget to 6 crore rupees, you can find yourself great investment value and a dream home in one of these apartments. Apartments in this area need some exploring, especially because you get access to a great multitude of amenities unlike most affordable areas in Bangalore. If you have been waiting forever, or if the prices have been marginally out of reach, it may be advisable to buy a home at Bellary Road.
Badlapur apartments
The apartments in Badlapur are a lot smaller than those in Bellary Road, but cozy is the word. If you are looking up on the internet with the deal filters on, you might be as lucky to hit some for under 23 lakhs. Unbelievable as it is, these apartments are high-rises, they are beautiful works of architecture and are narrowly priced. However, for these deals, you may find only 1 or 2-bedroom apartments in Badlapur.
Whitefield Main Road apartments
The luxury apartments in Whitefield get most of the searches. And why shouldn’t they? The apartments at Whitfield Main Road were the first to give the city a facelift. Quite unexpectedly, some of these apartments are now offered on deal values. So, if you try your luck, you might as well find penthouses at Rs. 5,800 and Rs. 5,950 per square feet. The apartments on this road have flats with 1 to 4 bedrooms, and range from 600 to 6,300 square feet.
Hebbal condos
The houses in Hebbal make it to the bucket list of most investors in India. Those homes are not villas, but penthouses at the ground level. Open balconies, duplex structures, large gardens, floor-to-ceiling windows, swimming pools, studio-style interiors and everything else that you can associate with luxury housing. Presently, the deal rate per square feet at this area is Rs. 6,999, which is a substantial drop from the normal rate.
Sarjapur high-end apartments
The condominiums standing in the Sarjapur Outer Ring Road make an easy choice for most home seekers, not because of lenient pricing, but the full package they come with. Right now, on deals, they come for under Rs. 8,000 per square feet starting. You can get some for at Rs. 6,750 as well.
We will be following up on a similar article, but will focus on outskirt areas mostly. Perhaps, if you are looking to settle in Bangalore half a decade later, those properties will be a better choice than the ones listed here for the ultra-urban buyer.